I have been interested in politics my whole life. growing up in the 9/11 era I remember the American war machine very closely. The Military–industrial complex must be disbanded. My father served during the gulf war as a technician for the Air-force. This has taught me both the value of our military and the over-use of it. We spend 56% of our budget on military spending. This is too much. This constant state of war is bankrupting our nation. We need peace not further war.

I am no conspiracy theorist because it is publicly known; Democrats and Republicans are in kahoots with big money and the war machine.
That is why I am proud to declare my candidacy for Governor of Kansas as a independent. Both parties need major reform. We need peace.


Now a little about myself: My name’s Aaron B. Coleman and I’m a 17yo college student at JCCC I was born and raised in a suburb in Kansas City called Turner. At the age of 14 I moved to Overland Park to live with my Grandparents and start my freshmen year of Highschool at SMW. My plans for the future is to get my associates at JCCC than get my bachelors at KU and join the military as a LT. and retire after twenty years of service; following in the footsteps of my father of whom is a disabled air force veteran.