Who is the Leading Democratic Candidate to Run for President

Next year becomes another history-making for the Americans with the 2020 Presidential race just about to kick off. Analyst suggests about 40 aspirant my run against the controversial President Donald Trump. Top-ranking Democrats have been reportedly meeting up with key donors and visit some of the considered essential states as the year progress. Even as the incumbent beats his chest saying he looks forward to meeting his opponents for the 2020 race to the White House, below is a list of Democrats Candidates who have checked in to be on the run, as we look for the top contenders.  But who is the leading democratic candidate to run for President?


  1. Bernie Sanders

The Independent Vermont senator was seen as the most liked among voters in the 2016 race. The polls had indicated that he was the sure bet to defeat the then Republican candidate Donald Trump. During his announcement, he promised to deliver a robust policy calling the Incumbent a liar. He conveyed this through an email to his followers.

  1. Kirsten Gillibrand

After ensuring another term in last years, mid elections the New York senator said, she would give thought to the idea of running in the next years’ general election, claiming she had seen the division in the country as she traveled around.

  1. Julian Castro

This was the former Texas mayor, and ex-secretary of Housing and Urban Development has hinted his intentions in recent interviews.

  1. Kamala Harris

The California senator is not only a renowned prosecutor but also known from the questions she asked Jeff Sessions at a Senate hearing about  2016 elections during the accounts of his links with Russia officials.

  1. John Delaney

He was the first key Democratic candidate to launch his bid; the Maryland congressman also represents the state’s sixth district.

  1. Tulsi Gabbard

Being a former army medic, the US representative from Hawaii launched her bid early on January 11th.

  1. Richard Ojeda

One of the key policy being Medicare for all the West Virginia Senator was also the first to announce their candidacy to the American people; he is also a former army member.

Potential Candidate

The list of the contenders goes all the way down with participants all eyeing for the democratic ticket. Some strong party figures like former vice president Joe Biden who many voters consider as their favorite have not yet announced their stand.

As the campaigns kick off and major political profile make up their mind as Joe Biden tables may turn, but for now we can be right to assume Bernie Sanders is the leading one.