Dear Readers,

Shawnee Mission Post has asked every gubernatorial candidate to write an article on their plans for education in the state of Kansas, and I’m here to take up that call to arms.

Firstly, there is the issue of k-12 funding.  When you ask school boards how much we should give the answer is always “More! More! More!”. I have a couple questions for school boards before the state chalks up the money:

  1. Why do school boards give the superintendent and school administrators so much money yet they do not even give some school teachers a living wage? (the Shawnee Mission School District pays 85 employees six-figure salaries)

  2. Why are school boards allowed to vote on their own pay?

  3. Why do we rank number two in school funding nationwide? Where's the money going, not to teachers salaries? source:

As governor, I would veto any further increases in funding to k-12 until these issues are resolved.

Secondly, there is the issue of higher education. The VA did a study on the GI-bill and chapter 35, and what they found out is for every one dollar we spend we get seven dollars back in taxes over the lifetime of that person. I support making public colleges and universities tuition-free. I would support setting up a trust fund for every student with 50k. This 50k would follow the student for life. A bachelor at KU is around 40k, so most students would still have money left over to pursue post-graduate degrees.

How would I fund this? Full legalization of cannabis with a $50 per oz tax. In Colorado they made $200million off of weed taxes, I expect Kansas to have similar results. I would have %100 of this money go to higher education. And you have to keep in mind that for every dollar we spend we would get seven dollars back in taxes. So even without the weed tax, the increased tax revenue would pay for itself.

In conclusion, A high school diploma is not what it use to be. Nowadays with a high school diploma, you have no chance of getting a job that pays a living wage. Most entry-level jobs require some sort of college education. The only way I would support k-12 is if we make it k-14, as in make it mandatory for students to do two years of community college or trade schools. Since this is unlikely I instead purpose that we give students 50k each for higher education.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely, god willing, Your first teenage governor,

Aaron Coleman

Dear voters:
Just thought I'd set the record straight; my name is Aaron Coleman and I'm the first teenager to run for governor in kansas. I announced my candidacy for governor July 4th, a whole month before democrat backed Jack Bergerson and two months before republican backed Tyler Ruzich. The reason you never heard of me is because unlike Jack or Tyler I'm running as an Independent. The media blackout on third parties is real.

I share one major thing in common with the other five teenagers running in this year's election: I’m a protest vote. I am the only true protest vote among these five, as I have not endorsed either The Democrat or The Republican Party. The two party system has failed Kansas. If you really want to protest the system than you have to vote outside of it -- not in it.

I’d write you a whole paragraph on how I support public schools and our education system (I do) but since this is the most lied on issue in Kansas politics I won’t waste your time. You could literally copy and paste every other candidate's “promises” here and it would be the same. Here’s a quote from Sam Brownback’s website: “State spending on education has increased every year Governor Brownback has been in office. In fact, it has increased over $270 million since 2011. In 2014 alone, he signed legislation that increased spending for K-12 education by over $176 million. (HB 2506)”

Second most important issue after fixing our broken school system is the full medical and recreational legalization of marijuana. Should the government have the right to deny a safe alternative medicine to a consenting adult, when prescribed by their doctor, or tell an adult what herbs he or she can buy? As governor I would pardon all nonviolent drug offenders and I would instruct the attorney general to make drug enforcement the lowest priority; hence making weed de facto legal even if it remains illegal de jure. Which would eliminate the over population in the prisons and save our taxpayers a lot of money.

Now a little about myself: My name’s Aaron B. Coleman and I’m a 17yo college student at JCCC I was born and raised in a suburb in Kansas City called Turner. At the age of 14 I moved to Overland Park to live with my Grandparents and start my freshmen year of Highschool at SMW. My plans for the future is to get my associates at JCCC than get my bachelors at KU and join the military as a LT. and retire after twenty years of service; following in the footsteps of my father of whom is a disabled air force veteran.

You can reach out to my campaign by going to my Facebook page ‘Aaron Coleman for Governor 2018’.

Thank you for your time. - Aaron Coleman

Dear voters you may remember my last name from a letter to the editor (in the KC-Star) my older brother Mikey Coleman(age 21) wrote about Josh Svaty, Democratic Candidate for Governor Of Kansas last month. I'm here to remind you of the importance of voting.

Elections are being held in 58 of the 100 largest cities in Kansas by population in 2017. This includes elections for 36 mayoral contests, 366 city council seats, 31 municipal officers other than mayor (like comptroller or city attorney), and 50 special district officials.

Elections coming up in Overland park and Johnson county! Also, Wyandote may be a democrat stronghold but every vote counts! Kansas is a red state and Wyandote is only country in Kansas to repeatedly vote democrat. Please vote democrat!

Remember Who's the leader of the Republican (Trump) party! Republicans are long past Lincoln, Reagan. and Bush SR days. Republican elites are blinded by greed! Eastern Kansas is very liberal! Every vote counts! Vote Democrat across the board!

Bernie sanders is de facto leader of democrat party and has very high chance in 2020! Don't give up on the American dream yet! Theirs still hope!

And my fellow students register to vote if your turning or are already 18! Our voice only counts if we vote! The tide is changing.

Millennials are predicted to be the next baby-boomers. A new "new deal" is coming. Youth Voice Counts. All Voice Counts. This is Democracy people. Who elected trump again? Remind me! I didn't vote for him! #notmypresident #whovotedthisguy? #raise_your_voice

Out With the Old, In With the New (Ephesians 4:17-24)

-Aaron Coleman(Age 16)